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Pegasus Sound Therapy

Peggy Leviton

Jacksonville, Oregon

Call/Text:  707-382-8641

I needed some healing for my lung and breathing issues that have bothered me for over two months. Why not sound energy healing? I closed my eyes not sure what to expect. I started feeling very relaxed and breathing was so comfortable. The different sound healing instruments had quite a range in size, sound, and energy. The sounds were relaxing and healing. The next day I have to admit my breathing was better!


Besides having the overall feeling of utter relaxation…insomnia, anxiety and inflammation improved. Especially well-being of heart! Gentle, safe, professional, intuitive, calm – it became a place for replenishment and grounding.


…glimpses of deep well-being, a definite increase in creativity. I felt as though my energy was unblocked.

Through each session I came away with calmness and feeling centered. It was very relaxing and stress relieving. Peggy is very informative about the process in every way…I feel like I have new tools to both be aware of myself and to bring myself to the present. I strongly encourage others to explore this therapy. If we don’t explore, how can we find ourselves?”


It was transformative in more ways than I imagined. Peggy has such a wonderful way with sounds – I was so very relaxed. I really felt like a different person afterward. I will definitely be back.


After I started these sessions I raised a deep awareness of myself and others. My sleep has improved a lot! Peggy is very professional, calm, and seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Would recommend!