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How does sound actually heal?

Several ways!  By triggering the relaxation response, sound allows the body to engage its own natural healing processes.

Up to 60% of the adult human body is water – in our bodily fluids and cells.  Sound vibrations cause resonant vibrations in water.  Natural sound causes our cells to vibrate in our own natural harmonic resonance.

Sounds travel through the nervous system, including the vagus nerve which is the most widely distributed nerve in the body.  Sound changes to electrical impulses that travel along the nerves.  This is how the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system gets involved in producing and reducing stress.  Balancing stress with well-chosen sound effectively releases tensions through the nervous system.

Sound vibrations cause a spike in nitric oxide (NO), a molecule which is ubiquitous in the human body.  It is necessary for vascular homeostasis, neuronal and immunological functions.

Increased levels of NO help reduce inflammation and pain.

Sound waves entrain the brain into lower brainwave levels (alpha, theta, and delta).  These are brainwave states of creativity, deep relaxation, the dream state, and deep meditation.

Much research continues, including for addictions, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer cells.

Are there any side effects of sound therapy?

The sounds I use are all acoustic (not electronic) and at low decibel levels.  Your body/mind system will use the frequencies you need.  The only side effects produced are positive!

Does this have anything to do with the chakras?

Chakras are a way of describing energy centers in the body.  Some research has been done coordinating the chakras with the endocrine system.  Inasmuch as I work to restore your natural energy flow and balance, “chakra balancing” may be one way to describe some of the work I do.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of a single session may last several days, or a lifetime!

For more acute symptoms or difficult patterns 3-6 sessions may be recommended.  Many people like to receive a “tune up” every week, month or six weeks.

How can I do this for myself?

Toning, chanting and humming are easy ways to help yourself.  I can guide you, and also help you select an instrument that you can work with at home.

Private Sessions:

Individualized sessions for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

One hour $65

Commitment package of three sessions $150

Discover what happens in a private session

Group Sessions:

Group gatherings include Sound Medicine wheels, group Sound Meditations, accompaniment for yoga classes, private parties and other special events.

Available to facilitate your group activity.

Rates upon request.

After I started these sessions I raised a deep awareness of myself and others. My sleep has improved a lot! Peggy is very professional, calm, and seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Would recommend!


It was transformative in more ways than I imagined. Peggy has such a wonderful way with sounds – I was so very relaxed. I really felt like a different person afterward. I will definitely be back.


Through each session I came away with calmness and feeling centered. It was very relaxing and stress relieving. Peggy is very informative about the process in every way…I feel like I have new tools to both be aware of myself and to bring myself to the present. I strongly encourage others to explore this therapy. If we don’t explore, how can we find ourselves?”


Besides having the overall feeling of utter relaxation…insomnia, anxiety and inflammation improved. Especially well-being of heart! Gentle, safe, professional, intuitive, calm – it became a place for replenishment and grounding.


I needed some healing for my lung and breathing issues that have bothered me for over two months. Why not sound energy healing? I closed my eyes not sure what to expect. I started feeling very relaxed and breathing was so comfortable. The different sound healing instruments had quite a range in size, sound, and energy. The sounds were relaxing and healing. The next day I have to admit my breathing was better!


…glimpses of deep well-being, a definite increase in creativity. I felt as though my energy was unblocked.